YES! You can play Blokus online without fuzzy text, fuzzy pieces, slow response, etc.
And no annoying Guest-stalkers, either!
This applet has been superseded by online blokus at


This project is still undergoing development and there might be bugs.

The applet is found HERE.
Detailed instructions are found HERE.

Developed for solving puzzles solo, it now can be used to play an online game:

Briefly, here's how it works. More details are below.

  1. First, find another player.
    You can try the chat room, linked above, or contact a friend via email, IM, telephone, etc.
  2. Decide who will play blue/red and who will play yellow/green.
  3. Each of the two players enters his name or id in the box labelled Player (#1).
  4. The blue player chooses Start Online as the Online mode (#2)
  5. The yellow player enters his own name as Player and the blue player's name as Opponent(#3), and then selects Join Online as the Online mode.
  6. Then players make their moves in turn and will automatically see each other's moves.
  7. When there are no more moves for a color, it is terminated.
    The ABORT (#4) button allows for that to happen even if there are available moves.
    The rule that if you can play, you must play is thus followed voluntarily.
    All four colors should eventually be aborted to cleanly end the game.
  8. Making moves:
    Normal move making is described on the applet page itself.
    You use normal drag-and-drop to move pieces.
    and keystrokes to flip/rotate, a two-hand operation.
    It is also possible to use the two mouse buttons in combination to reorient pieces with one hand.
    Before trying to play, you can practice offline to familiarize yourself with process.
  9. Time Limits
    Players must complete all moves in the time limit for online games. The limits are:
    - 20 minutes per player for single set games.
    - 30 minutes per player for double set games.
  10. Interrupting and Resuming Games
    If players cannot finish a game (due to time constraints or ahem, other reasons (i.e. bugs), then the game can be restarted.

    To terminate play, Select Disconnect as the Online mode (#2), which ends server interaction.
    Save the value in the Game Id box (#5): a number such as 12345-99-15. To restart a game, each player enters the Game Id into that box (#5), puts his name as Player and selects Resume Game in "Online mode".
  11. Watching others' games
    By entering a Game Id and selecting Watch Game, a game played by others can be viewed. There is no automatic update as moves are made - simply reselect Watch Game from time to time to see the game progress.