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This applet serves two functions:
* It can be used in a solitaire mode for solving puzzles or planning Blokus strategies, with pieces played in any order.
* It can be used to play a game over the internet, with colors played in turn (Blue, Yellow, Red, Green) according to Blokus rules.

For solitaire play, the applet runs in several Offline modes, with or without Blokus placement rules (corner touching only for pieces of the same color).
(See Modes, below for options and details.)

Click to open applet

Instructions   ( Instructions en franšais )

Use drag-and-drop to place pieces on the board: point the mouse at the piece you want to play, press down one of the mouse buttons, drag it to the place you and want to play it, and release the mouse button. To be sure of correct placement, align it carefully with the grid lines.

Pieces can be reoriented in several ways:

Keyboard: use any of these characters, as shown, or use the SPACE BAR to move through all possible positions.

Mouse: while preparing to drag the piece, hold down the first mouse button and repeatedly press the other one to move through all possible positions.

Take care not to release the last button until the piece is positioned correctly.

To remove pieces from the board Click them or use the CLEAR button to start anew.

By default, the board is 20x20, but you may change it using the Set rows and Set cols dropdown's to anything from 1x1 to 20x25. When you do, the board is cleared.

Offline Modes

Blokus mode:
Pieces after the first much touch another of the same color corner-to-corner and must not touch side-to-side.
Open mode:
no placement restrictions -
be careful about placing same colored pieces together -
borders get lost.
Single mode:
Treats the four sets as one.
Allows for 'normal' polyomino solving based on one of each piece. Using different colors prevents pieces from 'merging'.
Game - Solo:
Blokus mode plus: colors to be played in turn.
The applet detects when no more moves are possible for a color and moves on to the next. Before that, you can click the ABORT button to move on to the next color, On subsequent turns, aborted colors are skipped.

Double set play:

The board can be expanded up to 28x28 (784 squares, not quite double size).
If you create a board with more than 500 squares (larger than 20 x 25),
the applet provides 2 copies of each piece.
A piece with 2 copies available is marked with an asterisk ( * ) in the unused pieces.

Online Play

Start Online, Join Online, Disconnect, Resume Game are used for playing a game over the internet.
See howtoplay.html for details.
You can switch modes at any time; only a switch to Game mode clears the board.
Online games should have all four colors aborted to finish cleanly.

In the various GAME modes, you can have the moves numbered.
Choose "Numbers?" from the "Appearance" menu to turn this feature on or off.