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These are puzzles I have created which have been featured on the Puzzle Segment of NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, hosted by Will Shortz.

The NPR links are to pages which include audio from the programs.
Q? means where the puzzle was posed, and
A! means where the solution was given.

Here is an aid to solving the anagram puzzles: Anagram Helper


Mar 4, 2012 Anagram the letters of the trees HEMLOCK, MYRTLE, OAK, PINE into the names of 4 other trees, with one letter left over.

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Jan 27, 2008 Anagram the letters of EGRET CRANE OWL into three other bird names.

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Oct 24, 2004 What unusual property is shared by 5000, 1/6, and -40 ? (There are other numbers with this property, but these three are largest, smallest positive, and smallest numbers, respectively.)
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Sep 17, 2000 Find the longest chain of US State names such that the last two letters of one are the first two letters of the next.
(For example: Alas-KA-nsas).

My on-air quiz
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1993 or 1994 A runner-up entry in a creative contest:
Write a phrase which uses only two different consonants.
"A little tale to tittilate, title: Lolita."