Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle, September 17, 2000

The challenge for the week of September 10 was to create a brain-teaser having to do with US State names, capitals, and postal abbreviations. As the winner, I was selected to play on the air.

These questions were the runners-up (including another one of mine!).

Rearrange the letters of CALIFORNIA to form
the name of a continent and an animal found there.
Africa, lion
Name a state capital. Switch its first and last letters,
forming a new word which describes about half the people there.
Salem (Oregon): Males
The last four letters of which state name are
the first four letters of another state name ?
Ver-mont, Mont-ana
Name a state capital starting with T, and a state starting with T
which end in the same four letters.
Tallaha-ssee, Tenne-ssee
Name a seven letter state capital.
Switch its third and fifth letters. Spell it backwards.
The result is the original name.
Break COLORADO into two groups of four letters. The first group will start a famous Colorado businessman's first name. The second group will start his last name. Who is he ?
Adol-ph Coor-s
Rearrange the seven letters of RALEIGH to make a two-word phrase that is something many women are constantly trying to get rid of.
Leg hair
What state's two-letter state postal abbreviation phonetically describes most of the state, population-wise?
(MT ~ "empty")
Which state, together with its capital, contains four pairs of doubled letters?
Nashville, Tennessee
(I submitted this one as well as the winning chain-of-states entry.)
Salem and Oregon, respectively, contain the letters of which famous person's first and last names ?
Al Gore