Play Squarematch

This applet allows for play Squarematch right here.
For sets to play the game in the physical world, visit Kadon Enterprises

Choose either the Solitaire or Two Player game and the size of the board.

In the Solitaire game, the object is to fill the board, following the color match rule.
All levels have solutions.

In the Two Player game, you and the computer take turns placing a tile, the winner being the player who successfully places a tile last, which generally occurs before all the tiles are used. In this game, once a tile is placed, it cannot be moved or turned.

Left click to select a tile to move (A red dot indicates the player's selection; the last computer played move is shown with a green dot.)
Left click a different tile or empty square to change the selection or exchange it with the selected one.
(Left click selected tile to de-select it)
Right click to rotate a tile one-quarter turn counter-clockwise.

Good luck !

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