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Bernard Tavitian, creator of Blokus, suggested this variation of the tetrominoes fitting problem: This variation, and others (such as colors or shapes touching, while the other does not and filling other shapes), were posed in 2000 by Kate Jones for the Twentieth Anniversary of Kadon Enterprises.

The 8x10 has 248 unique solutions. The 9x9 has 231.
90 of the 9x9's have 180-degree rotational symmetry.
Selections of them are presented below.

8 x 10

First row:

A remarkable solution with two congruent halves. Every piece has piece of the same shape in the same location in the opposite half.

A second half-and-half solution: each half has two of each shape.

The other two solutions are nearly divided in half along the long dimension.

Second row:

The two solutions could have their red and yellow pieces interchanged OR just the red and yellow squares, since each adjoins only blue and green, OR just the other four pairs of pieces, since they form a chain which adjoins only blue and green also.

Third row:

The next two have just the red and yellow T's and Z's swapped.
The last two have just the red and blue bars swapped.

Fourth and fifth rows:

Show nine solutions with many pieces in common and just a minority swapped in various ways.

9 x 9

Those with black frames come from the 90 solutions which have symmetry: with a 180-degree rotation and swapping of colors, the solution remains the same. The ones with gray frames (and an asterisk) do not have this property.