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A fascinating game of arranging uniquely colored triangular tiles so that the colors match. (Scroll down to play.)

This game is similar to Squarematch.
You have a board and a set of tiles to place on it.
The tiles are in the shape of triangles with the "corners" colored in one of four colors.
All 24 possible colored tiles are present.

The object of the game is to place the tiles on the interior part of the board, which is highlighted in green. Rotate the tiles as necessary, so that wherever two of them meet, the colors match as in the example at right.

Choose from a number of different board configurations.
But be forewarned: one of them has no solutions at all !!
(The others have several, up to a few dozen, essentially different solutions.
Rotations, reflections, and color swaps are not counted.)

Left click to select a tile or empty cell to move. A red dot indicates your selection.
Left click a different tile or empty cell to exchange it with the selected one.
(Left click selected tile again to de-select it)
Right click to rotate a tile one-third turn counter-clockwise.

The Solve button will show you one solution.
The Reset button starts things over.
For sets to play the game in the physical world, visit Kadon Enterprises

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