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alt="Applet not running" Applet tag ignored Why another Minesweeper ?
Well, no programmer leaves such an easy task undone, and this one removes a major drawback of the original, namely it changes the color of revealed squares, making the player's task that much easier.


You are to find the 30 mines hidden in the 196 square field.

Left click squares which you think are mine-free.
If you are correct, the number of neighboring mines (all 8 directions) is revealed. If you left click on a mine the game is over and you lose.

If you should be so fortunate as to click a square with no neighboring mines, all non-mined neighboring squares are automatically revealed, up to the border of the area where squares do neighbor mines.

Right click squares which you think do hide mines.
A blue circle is displayed. If you change your mind, right click again, and the square reverts to the unrevealed state.

You win the game by clicking every square without left clicking any mines.

You lose if you left-click on a mine. Then the remaining mines are revealed as black circles, and any erroneous blue circles which were NOT mines are shown in red.

Click on "Start" at any time to start a new game.

Happy Hunting!