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alt="Applet not running" Applet tag ignored Score points by forming words from the letters you are given,
which are only letters found in the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

You have 10 chances to make words.

If you cannot make a word, click "New Hand",
but remember, that uses one of your turns.
Since you get all new letters every time,
it's always better to make a word, even if it's only one letter!

Each letter you use is worth points, according to this schedule:
A: 2   B: 4   D: 3   H: 5   I: 2
P: 4   R: 2   T: 2   Y: 5    

Spell HAPPY and get 50 bonus points.
Spell BIRTHDAY and get 100 bonus points.

If you want to see what the best possible word is on each turn,
check the box marked "Show best word". An asterisk means you got the maximum score on that round.